Genres: Euro-disco

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 A La Carte was a German disco group (formed by Coconut Records- Tony Hendrik and Karin Hartmann) in 1978. Their first single” When The Boys Come Home” was released in March 1979. Single had good sales and group was even invited to the famous German TV-show „Musikladen“ (“Music shop”). The same year in October was released the second catchy single „Doctor, Doctor, Help Me Please“ with the lineup Patsy Fuller, Jennifer Renshaw and Denise Distelle. This girl group conquered European Discos and their reputation was one of the best dance girl-band from London.

In 1980 one replacement occurs: instead of Denise Distell came Katie Humble. A La Carte launched in March 1980 new single – cover-version of Manfred Mann’s 60s super-hit “Do Wah Diddy Diddy” in a short time followed by their first LP “Do Wah Diddy Diddy“. Among composers of this album was Michael Cretu. The next single – “Ring Me, Honey” was released in September of the same year.

In January 1981, the band line up was changed and Jennifer Renshaw, Linda Daniels, and Joy Martin released new single “You Get Me On The Run“. The main vocal in the song was of Jennifer Renshaw and Joy Martin. Together they released the album „Viva“. At the time Michael Cretu was the author of already 2 songs: “Wanted (Jean Le Voleur“) and “In the Summer Sun Of Greece“. In 1981, the group launched single “Jimme Gimme Reggae“, the title song was the new version of the one from the first album and completely new song – “Lightyears Away From Home” was on the back side.

In 1982 the final line-up featured Jennifer Renshaw, Katie Humble, Joy Martin and the same year in July A La Carte released single “Ahe Tamoure“. A La Carte had huge „audience ratings“ with their melodic songs, visual charm and trendy dance performances. A La Carte longest line-up was made up of 3 ladies of who all sang „Lead Vocals“.

In January 1983 was released single called “Radio” In 1983 A La Carte took part in and won the first prize out of 17 countries at the Seoul song contest in South Korea representing the United Kingdom with the song „Radio“ also group made a TV show together with Village People.

The next album of the group “Rockin’ Oldies” and new single “On The Top Old Smokie” was released at the same time in September 1983.

In 1985 A La Carte disbanded because of demand in a music market where other music styles became more popular.

In 1989 well-known in Europe DJ Mungo Jerry undertook an attempt of “resurrection” of A La Carte. This new project had nothing in common with old band. It’s used a glory of their names and image. Three young girls found for the aim recorded single “Dancing In The Summertime” and album “Sun Sun Summertime“. These releases included the bunch of most popular A La Carte hits of the 80s.

In 1999, in a time of the splash of interest to the dance music of the early 80s, a few comebacks of recently popular singers and reunification of forgotten groups, BMG Berlin Musik (Hansa International) released a new album of A La Carte “Best Of“.

It may be just a rumour that A La Carte had one of the very first “home pages” ever, on the German ARD and ZDF TV-network’s Videotext service on page 59.

In 2016 „Ring Me Honey“ new video was released into the dance charts in Germany.

A La Carte line-up that has been the longest together and still is to this day Jennifer, Joy and Katie.